Decorating Ideas for a Staircase


Some homeowners are unaware that their staircase is another aspect of their home that may be decorated to make it look more trendy. Staircases are sometimes disregarded when it comes to decorating, but depending on the arrangement of the property, they may be more essential than you realise, especially if they are the first thing visitors see when they enter. Here are some helpful hints for decorating your home’s staircase.

Decorate the Staircase with Photographs

Frame a handful of your best photos and display them along the stairwell’s wall. These photos might be of your family, nature, or other decorative items.

They should be hung in such a way that they appear to be descending with the stairs. Make sure the frames you pick go with the colour scheme of the room. If the steps are made of wood, it’s a good idea to match the colour of the wood in the frames.

On the stairwell wall, create a mural or design.

Consider painting a mural or artwork that extends up the stairwell if you truly want your staircase to stand out. This might be as simple as a leaf or flower design that follows the stairwell, or it could be a more elaborate mural.

If sketching and painting aren’t your strong suits, you may use stencils to create the design or hire a professional to paint the mural for you.

Staircase with a Decorative Banister

If your bannister is simple, replace it with one that is more beautiful and suits your home’s aesthetic. Depending on the style of stairs you have, there are a variety of bannisters to pick from.

For the steps, a recent trend is to combine wood with wrought-iron. This would look great in a Spanish-style home or even a modern-style home. Examine the images in home d├ęcor publications or on the Internet to get a sense of the many styles available.

Install a Decorative Runner on the Staircases

If your stairs are wooden, try placing down a beautiful carpet runner to add some flair. The carpet can be plain colour or patterned and multi-colored to draw attention to the room. Even carpeted or tiled staircases might benefit from runners.

Select a carpet runner that is slightly smaller than the width of the stairwell, allowing the stairwell’s borders to show on the sides. There is a large number of runners available, so you should have no trouble selecting one that suits your staircase and reflects the aesthetic of the surrounding area.

Decorating a staircase in the doorway of a home is quite significant for a homeowner. You want to be able to showcase the staircase to its full potential so it doesn’t become an eyesore. To make your staircase more appealing, you might want to explore combining some of these decoration ideas.